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Leatherneck Whiskey


Semper Fi! Born in a bar in 1775, the Marines wore a stiff leather collar to protect their necks as they boarded enemy vessels. Today, the term "Leatherneck" symbolizes the indomitable fighting spirit of the United States Marine Corps. Here’s to the Leatherneck!


1350 Distilling’s celebratory spirit for their first year of business fittingly represents the United States Marine Corps for our President and Head Distiller, retired USMC Lt. Col. Phill Bragg, and all Leathernecks. Released at the one year business anniversary and the 245th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps, the Leatherneck Whiskey is a strong, spicy, and memorable three-year aged, 99% rye whiskey. For these historical and personal reasons, 1350 Distilling proclaims the Leatherneck Whiskey as the “Official Veterans Day American Spirit”!

The iconic drill sergeant stands “at ease” waiting for your hand to open and pour a rewarding glass of rye whiskey deliciousness.

The Leatherneck Whiskey is the fifth spirit that represents the United States military branches. It was intended to be the last in the series, but now the Space Force may require some more creativity.

Code Four 115 Proof Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey


American police radio codes originated in the 1930’s and were derived from early military codes. They ensured clear and concise communication over low-tech radios. “Code Four” informs the force that “everything is safe and good”.


Not only do we “Celebrate the American Spirit of our military and their loved ones” we also celebrate our first responders with our most powerful whiskey to date. The Code Four is dedicated to all law enforcement in America. Here’s to many Code Four’s for all of our law enforcement heroes!

The same mashbuild as our Guardian Bourbon, the Code Four is 99% corn and aged three years. The key difference is in our proofing. We still use our clean, fresh, Rocky Mountain water keeping this strong-arm straight bourbon at 115 proof (57.5% ABV). This is a dangerously delicious, sweet and flavorful cask strength whiskey.

Code Four 115 Proof Bourbon can be purchased at our HQ for $65.50

Five Alarm Cinnamon Fire Bourbon


The fire alarm code system is a simple way for fire departments to communicate the severity and resource requirements of each fire as determined by the on-site commander. A “Five-Alarm” denotes the highest level of response and most dangerous of fires. Here’s to all of our first responders and firefighters!


Dedicated to United States Firefighters and First Responders, 1350 Distilling’s Five Alarm Bourbon is a three-year barrel-aged 99% corn bourbon. We use great tasting Rocky Mountain water and infuse spicy hot cinnamon to make a healthier and great-tasting cinnamon bourbon.

The Five Alarm started as an infusion in our Tasting Lounge for our firefighter friends. It has become so popular, we just had to bottle it. This spice adds just enough fire to keep you warm even on a cold Colorado night—or wherever you choose to enjoy your #1350Spirit

Keep your bourbon flavor with just a sting of spicy cinnamon. Where other flavored whiskeys don't want you to taste the ambrosia called "whiskey", the Five Alarm Cinnamon Fire Bourbon lets you enjoy both worlds.

The Five Alarm Cinnamon Fire Bourbon can be purchased at our HQ for $48.50

Wingman Gin


Mission success is achieved with the mutual support and situational awareness of all team members. “Wingman” mentality epitomizes the role that each Airman practices on the ground and in the air.


It is fitting that the all-Colorado refined sugar beets that are the foundation of our Minuteman Vodka also be the same locally sourced ingredients for our Wingman Gin; afterall, the Air Force first started in the United States Army as the Army Air Corps until 1947. Juniper berries and a handful of other ingredients provide a smooth, clean, Colorado Dry Gin unmeasurable anywhere within the Centennial State.

This Colorado Dry Gin does not carry on the undesirable memories of most gins of the past. Instead, you will enjoy the smooth, floral hints of cardamom and juniper that blend expertly into traditional cocktails. Gin & Tonics or Gimlets play nicely, but Wingman Gin allows the refined sophistication of a well-aged whiskey where you can enjoy its’ flavors on a single rock or in a dry martini. Like our Air Force, your taste buds will love to “Aim High!”

Wingman Gin can be purchased at our HQ for $35.5o

Guardian Bourbon


The U.S. Coast Guard is our nation’s oldest continuous operating maritime service. Both a law enforcement agency and a military service, these “Guardians” support, protect, and defend our country’s coasts and waterways, and rescue those in need.


Bourbon is considered America’s native spirit. In 1764, England enacted the Sugar Act that taxed molasses and infuriated the colonists. Instead of using Caribbean sugars, they began using something in more immediate abundance... corn! 


Our Guardian Bourbon represents the United States Coast Guard in its bright life vest orange label. This is the only spirit that 1350 Distilling plans on not producing. We purchase the three-year barrel-aged 99% corn bourbon from a distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and finish it with great tasting Rocky Mountain water.


The Coast Guard motto is Semper Paratus - Latin meaning “Always ready” which is so fitting for this bourbon. It is great neat or over ice. It mixes well, but also makes for a smooth Old Fashion too.

The Guardian Bourbon can be purchased at our HQ for $45.50

Blue Jacket Rum


In 1902 the U.S. Navy began issuing the Bluejacket Manual to every sailor. As the Navy’s bible, it encapsulates the professional maritime spirit of the dedicated sailors or “Bluejackets” that bravely man the United States fleet.


Since before the 16th century, the delicious spirits of the Caribbean relied on the natural abundance of sugar cane. 1350 Distilling strives to purchase ingredients, machinery, and products “Made in America”. Our Louisiana-grown and refined molasses provides distinctive light rum flavors from start to finish. Our very slight “sweet-back” of candy sugar provides a light copper tone and gives a pleasing and subtle, sweet finish to our Bluejacket Rum.

Blue Jacket Rum is distilled from Louisiana molasses and Colorado sugar beets, earning the decoration of Gluten Free on every label. As with our other spirits, fresh Colorado Rocky Mountain water is key to our rum fermentation and proofing, providing a clean, high-quality spirit.

Rum-lovers have already praised the Blue Jacket Rum. For being so young, it is as uniquely flavorful and more easily drinkable than most any other name-recognized rums on shelves today. 1350 Distilling's attention to detail, use of high-quality ingredients, and small batch distillation makes The Blue Jacket Rum a must-have for any home bartender and rum collector.

Blue Jacket Rum can be purchased at our HQ for $35.5o

Minuteman Vodka


American revolutionaries were common citizens that risked their livelihoods for freedom. These first true American soldiers swore to be ready to fight in a “minute’s notice” giving them the nickname of “Minuteman”. 

The foundation of all liquors, vodka is derived from the most basic of ingredients to create a colorless distilled spirit. Our Minuteman Vodka utilizes the finest granulated sugar grown and processed in the state.

Our vodka is distilled from 100% Colorado sugar beet sugar, earning The Minuteman decorations of Gluten Free and Colorado Proud honors on every label.

Fresh Colorado Rocky Mountain water is key to our fermentation, finishing, and cocktail ice.

Whether your company likes their vodka “neat” or “on the rocks”, Minuteman Vodka is just like the National Guard motto: “Always Ready, Always There!”

The Minuteman figure also represents the United States National Guard.

Minuteman Vodka can be purchased at our HQ for $25.5o

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