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In appreciation of so many professionals during the month of May, we have started a new program we are calling "Pour it Forward".

Isn't great to give to a stranger that you appreciate? Isn't it great to receive something from a stranger that appreciates what you do for our community? This is our way to make everyone feel good... in more ways than one.
Banner text image with words "Pour it Forward, Buy a drink or receive one for teachers, nurses, first responders, veterans or military spouses"

In May there are many national appreciation days including:

  • 5/6 - National Nurses Appreciation Day - (We will celebrate the entire week starting Wednesday)

  • 5/7 - National Teacher Appreciation Day - (We will celebrate the entire week starting Wednesday)

  • 5/10 - National Military Spouse Appreciation Day - We have special stickers for our Military Spouse.

  • 5/12 - Mother's Day - We have a special week cocktail for moms - see below

  • 5/13 through 5/17 - National Police Week

  • 5/15 - National Peace Officers Memorial Day

  • 5/18 - Armed Forces Day

  • 5/22 - National Craft Distillery Day - Check our calendar and follow us to see the fun we are planning

  • 5/27 - Memorial Day - (We are closed)

Want to buy a Teacher a drink? How about a Nurse or First Responder? Want to buy a military spouse or veteran a drink? Here's how to Pour it Forward.

When you are in our Taste Lounge, tell your bartender you would like to "pour it forward". For $10 added to your bill, we will put a drink token in the bowl for the professional you would like to buy a drink for.

How do you get a "Pour it Forward" drink?

Let your bartender know and show your work ID that you are a teacher, nurse, first responder, military spouse or veteran (active duty and retired). If we have a Pour it Forward token for you, we will apply a free drink of your choice to your bill.

Tulip glass on dark wood chest with bright red cocktail, rosebud garnish and gold swizzle stick with green couch in background
Mom Juice - Week Cocktail Special from 5/8 through 5/12

We have a special cocktail for this week that has both Military Spouse Appreciation Day on Friday, May 10th and Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12th.

This beauty is Katie’s inception and highlights our Old Blood & Guts’ Strawberry Vodka (40% abv). Mixed together with creme de violet, hibiscus simple syrup and lemon juice. We have some edible glitter and rosebud for a garnish and golden swizzle stick for the household queen to brandish when ordering her family around on Sunday while sitting on her throne. Come get Mom a bottle of 1350 Spirit for the weekend and treat yourself to some “Mom Juice”.


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