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Every Saturday afternoon during our weekly tours at the distillery, there is at least one person that raises their hand when asked, "if we need help with taste-testing our spiced rum, would anyone be interested?"

Well, the time is here, and we are making an event out of it.

Saturday, October 23, 2021 from 6pm-8pm we will host our "Rumtastic Tour & Tasting" at the distillery at 520 E. Pikes Peak Avenue in EaDo Colorado Springs.

Here are all the details:

Our Head Distiller and President will lead guests on a Rum-inspired tour of our distillery. He will share information about the history, distillation process, finishing techniques and raw goods used in the production of rum.

The tour will include tastings of our current rums and a special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to influence the final flavor of our Bull’s Spiced Rum. Guests will taste various formulations of our new spiced rum and vote on which one will be the winner!

Finally, the tour ends at our copper-top bar where you will submit and get to enjoy your own cocktail recipe using one of our rums (or just order one of the great cocktails on the menu).

Ticket includes:

  • Tour of the 1350 Distilling production facility

  • Taste our two existing rums as well as three variations of our soon to be released, Bull’s Spiced Rum

  • Create and enjoy your very own rum cocktail of choice using our rums and our list of ingredients on hand

  • Opportunity to pre-order bottles of Bull’s Spiced Rum at 20% off! Get one of the first bottles off of our production line!

  • Buy current rum bottles for 20% off too (the holidays ARE coming)

We are very limited on space, so get your tickets today online here.

Sorry, but because space is limited and this is a one-time event, no refunds will be issued.


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