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Gin, Father's Day, Re-Opening, & 115 Proof Bourbon

If that headline did not get your attention, then we are not sure what will.

Hello 1350 Distilling friends! Oh boy, have we missed you all. It has been a crazy time since March, but times are changing and we have some AMAZING news to share. We hope you will also share this great news with your friends and family that appreciate high quality, Colorado and American-made products that support local farmers and businesses.

All the great news we have now
Gin, Dad, Re-opening, 115 Proof Bourbon

First off: Did you know that we released our long anticipated Wingman Gin for our Air Force right as the Stay-at-Home ordinance went into effect?

We did, and up to this point the only way you could try it was by purchasing it from our Tasting Lounge or one of the (clearing throat) 70 liquor stores we have our products in now. That’s right, we are in seventy liquor stores from Bubbles in Castle Rock to Jewett in Cañon City. We are in Fountain, Security, Manitou Springs, Monument, Peyton, and Falcon too. Check out our constantly updated list of locations here. Let us know if we need to still get into YOUR liquor store of choice, please, or better yet, ask your liquor store’s owner or manager for any one of our spirits including the Wingman Gin.

Speaking of, if you buy a bottle of our Wingman Gin at our Tasting Lounge in June, you get a Buy One, Get One cocktail card in thanks. That is a $10-$12 dollar value. This is a great Father's Day present, which is this Sunday, folks. We are still open this week from 3-6pm for bottle and cocktail kit sales for you last minute Father's Day shoppers.

Now, I know you are asking yourself, “What good is a BOGO cocktail card if 1350 Distilling isn’t even open yet?” - You are a brilliant, bright, and a beautiful person to ask that...

Our next bit of GREAT news is that we will be having our Grand Re-Opening weekend next week, Friday and Saturday, June 26th and 27th from 4-9pm where you can redeem those BOGOs and gift certificates you gave or got for Father’s Day. Check our online calendar on our homepage for our food truck schedule too.


Starting right now we are accepting pre-orders for our next product: Code Four Cask Strength 115 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Code Four is dedicated to the Blue Line, the Americans that have been in the news lately, who we want to know we love and appreciate. We celebrate you and your loved ones and thank you for your dedication and commitment to our communities.

What does the name mean? "Code Four" informs the force that "everything is safe and good". Here’s to many Code Fours for all our law enforcement heroes!

Pre-orders of our Code Four will be available for pick-up EXCLUSIVELY at our Tasting Lounge. You will not be able to find our Code Four anywhere else for a week or two before hitting all of our liquor store locations.

That’s all for now. We hope to see you in the upcoming months. Hope you enjoy and share with us and others our #1350spirits this upcoming Fourth of July holiday.

Be good. Stay healthy, and finally, THANK YOU for all of your support through the last few months. Because of good people like you, we have been able to persevere and will continue to.

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