Mission success is achieved with the mutual support and situational awareness of all team members. “Wingman” mentality epitomizes the role that each Airman practices on the ground and in the air.


It is fitting that the all-Colorado refined sugar beets that are the foundation of our Minuteman Vodka also be the same locally sourced ingredients for our Wingman Gin; afterall, the Air Force first started in the United States Army as the Army Air Corps until 1947. Juniper berries and a handful of other ingredients provide a smooth, clean, Colorado Dry Gin unmeasurable anywhere within the Centennial State.


Our Wingman Gin represents the United States Air Force in its Air Force blue label and wax-dipped top. 


Our Wingman Gin is one of the smoothest dry gins in the Centennial State thanks to our all-copper “Rocket Still”, Colorado Rocky Mountain water, and the Colorado sugar beet. It is a Gluten Free and Colorado Proud product giving it the prestige naming of a Colorado Dry Gin.


Great for Gin & Tonics, Gimlets, Martinis, Salty Dogs, Gin Fizzes, John Collins, or Gin Bucks.


Wingman Gin

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