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Marching On

Many things are happening this fun, green month of March.

I know, I know, locals are going to remind me that March and April are the months with the most snowfall in Colorado Springs, but we do like these longer days and the warm, sunny weather in between each storm where we can lay like lizards on rocks, soaking up the promising spring sun.

Our patio is a perfect place to soak up those rays and sip up our fine cocktails.

We are so happy that February is gone and past and excited for the warmer weather that we have changed our logo to our Minuteman Green with excitement.

We have already had some fun events this month - tastings at Newtown Wine & Liquors, Colorado Mountain Brewery and the Taste of Pikes Peak at the Broadmoor. One of our owners was also interviewed by KRDO News Radio's Ted Robertson. Here is the ten minute interview that better explains what we mean by "Celebrating the American Spirit..."

We have plenty more planned too, such as the Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs Member Mixer at our Taste Lounge this Wednesday. Also slated for March 2020:

12 MAR - Thursday - AIGA Drink and Draw event with Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs - Taste Room

14 MAR - Saturday - PI-DAY & St. Patty's Day Early in our Taste Lounge

SIKORSKY PIE will be sold at a special price for the day - A whiskey cube floating on a sea of pie flavors. Peach and cinnamon-infused bourbon and nothing else needed. All coming to your rescue.


14 MAR - Saturday - From 3-8pm - Free tastings at Pike's Liquor, a brand new liquor store that ONLY sells Colorado products! There is going to be so much happening here. You need to stop by 11663 Voyager Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

18 MAR - Wednesday - Race Against Suicide - Race Day Events & Logistics Meeting (7:30-8:30pm) in our Taste Lounge - All welcome if you have any interest in helping with this great cause hosted by Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership

20 MAR - Friday - Great Wolf Lodge - Scotch & Single-Malt Whiskey Tasting 6-8pm - Tickets are SOLD OUT!

21 MAR - Saturday - SILENT DISCO! in our Taste Lounge get your tickets in advance through Facebook here.

28 MAR - Saturday - Free tasting at Freedom Liquors 3:30-5:30pm

5607 Barnes Rd #110, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

29 MAR - Sunday - Celebrate Vietnam Veterans Day - Drink Specials at our place.

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