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Vodka and Bourbon Now Available

It has been a great ten days here for us at 1350 Distilling. Last week we bottled our first full batch of Minuteman Vodka and this week our Guardian Bourbon was bottled too.

Guardian Bourbon and Minuteman Vodka for sale

Both are available for purchase right now at our 1350 Distilling Headquarters and Taste Room.

We have had great responses on both spirits. Since we are still producing to make sure we have enough in stock for our taste room, we are inviting you to come by and taste our products and be one of the first to buy a bottle to take home.

Our Minuteman Vodka is made from 100% Colorado sugar beets and Rocky Mountain water. There is a slight sweet flavor that makes it great for sipping over ice or in a dry martini. This first product represents the U.S. Army and our first soldiers, the Minutemen patriots. A 750mL bottle retails at $25.50 + tax. More information can be found in our gift shop.

Our Guardian Bourbon is sourced from Indiana. It is a delicious three year, 99% corn whiskey that is so approachable, even non-whiskey folks say, "That is a good tasting bourbon!" We are certain you will too. The Guardian Bourbon represents the United States Coast Guard proudly. A 750mL bottle retails at $45.50 + tax. More information can be found in our gift shop.

Both can be purchased only on our location at this time. We encourage you to visit, have a taste and buy a bottle for your home, your neighbors', and your friends.

There are still some of our Stars Collection limited edition gift boxes available for purchase online for both the Minuteman Vodka and the Guardian Bourbon. More information can be found in our gift shop.

Lastly, we will be starting our Bluejacket Rum in the oncoming weeks, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and sign up for our newsletter so you know when the next round of Founders and Star Collection limited edition boxes are for sell for the Bluejacket Rum line.

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