Here's to Blue Jacket Rum!

Our Blue Jacket Rum is an easy-drinking, gluten free, light rum distilled from Louisiana molasses, Colorado sugar beets, and good ol' Rocky Mountain water. The potent molasses creates a rich rum flavor. We "sweet-back" finish the spirit with a light candy sugar and specialized tannins to give the Blue Jacket Rum's distinct, rich rum flavor, unlike anything in Colorado. Since before the 16th century, the delicious spirits of the Caribbean relied on the natural abundance of sugar cane. In the 17th century when sugar plantations and refineries were in an abundance, there was a lot of molasses that the folks didn’t know what to do with. They gave it to livestock and slaves. A mortar was made wit

Here's to Minuteman Vodka!

The foundation of all liquors, vodka is derived from the most basic of ingredients (sugar) to create a (mostly) colorless and odorless distilled spirit. In order for a spirit to achieve the title of "vodka" there is one key characteristic that must be achieved. It isn't that it has to be made from potatoes or that it needs to be distilled in Russia or Poland. In fact, vodka can be made anywhere and from any sugar source including: potatoes, wheat, corn, grapes, and even sugar beets, which is what we make our Minuteman Vodka out of. The one element that must be achieved is that the spirit must reach an alcohol percentage of at least 90% (180 proof) before it is proofed down to a more digestib

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