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Here's to Minuteman Vodka!

The foundation of all liquors, vodka is derived from the most basic of ingredients (sugar) to create a (mostly) colorless and odorless distilled spirit. In order for a spirit to achieve the title of "vodka" there is one key characteristic that must be achieved. It isn't that it has to be made from potatoes or that it needs to be distilled in Russia or Poland. In fact, vodka can be made anywhere and from any sugar source including: potatoes, wheat, corn, grapes, and even sugar beets, which is what we make our Minuteman Vodka out of. The one element that must be achieved is that the spirit must reach an alcohol percentage of at least 90% (180 proof) before it is proofed down to a more digestible proof, like 80 which we proof the Minuteman Vodka down to.

Minuteman Vodka is our first product we distilled, so we wanted to name it after the first military of our country started by the patriots who boldly defied Great Britain. Before we were a country, American revolutionaries were common citizens that risked their livelihoods for freedom. These first true American soldiers swore to be ready to fight in a “minute’s notice” giving them the nickname of “Minuteman”.

We chose to start with vodka and to represent our past and present United States Army. The green PMS 554 chevron and wax-dipped top of the same color mimic the Army's uniform and vehicle colors. The revolutionary patriot shape represents the past militia men and is similar to the symbol used for the modern day U.S. National Guard for the very same reason.

The Minuteman Vodka is distilled from 100% Colorado sugar beets, earning The Minuteman decorations of Gluten Free and Colorado Proud honors on every label. Because of our custom, hand-made, all copper still, doubled by our uncommonly used sugar beet source, the Minuteman Vodka has a distinctive and sweet aroma and gentle aftertaste. Whether your company likes their vodka “neat” or “on the rocks”, with a squeeze of lime or splash of orange juice, or even with ginger beer for a classic “Minuteman Mule”, Minuteman Vodka is just like the United States Army – “Always Ready, Always There!”

Bottles of Minuteman Vodka can be purchased at 1350 Distilling or from a growing pool of liquor stores, bars, and restaurants. Just check our latest listings here.

Here's to the Minuteman!

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