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Fleet Admirals' Aged Rum

80 Proof / 40% ABV

Gold Medal - John Barleycorn Awards - Aged Rum 2023

Fleet Admirals' Aged Rum

Only four sailors have held the highest rank of “Fleet Admiral”: Leahy, King, Nimitz and Halsey. They are among the greatest naval leaders our nation has produced. We celebrate their fighting spirit with our elite spirit. Here’s to the American Spirit of the Fleet Admirals!

Building from the same Louisiana molasses and Colorado sugar beets mash as our Blue Jacket Rum and distilled in our one-of-a-kind Rocket Still, we produce a hot, clear and deliciously funky rum in our HQ in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We immediately store the ambrosia into our spent Code Four and Guardian Bourbon barrels for a minimum of six months to age. The barrels previously stored our 120 proof, 99% corn bourbons for three years.

The sweet corn residue and heavy char wood converts the Fleet Admirals’ Barrel Aged Rum into a pale to medium straw color. The aging rounds out the finish into a smooth, caramel and butterscotch sipping rum. Molasses and burnt sugar tickles the nose similarly to our Blue Jacket Rum while an enjoyable dance of caramel and butterscotch tease your tongue on the finish.

This is a pure rum. No added sugars, thickeners or coloring agents. It is as straightforward as the elite men it is named after. Respectfully dedicated to four outstanding men: Leahy, King, Nimitz and Halsey. Four vitally important parts of our 1350 Spirit:

• Our sugars

• Our Rocket Still process

• Our barrels

• and YOUR enjoyment

Tasting Notes: A funky, buttery rum with an excellent depth of flavor that showcases the complexity of a sugar-based spirit, finishing with a creamy, almost butterscotch end.

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