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YOU Are The American Spirit

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

We are better than we were.

The universe tried to take our four years of anguish, frustration, and joy of accomplishment away from us in March. The fear for tomorrow overshadowed our reasons for starting this business idea in the first place. We know you have felt all of this too.

With the financial assistance from the same government that closed us down, we have been able to regather, regroup, and restart. That money, the grace of our landlord and a repetitive injection of gumption and creativity bring us to where we are today. Of course, none of that would matter one spit if it wasn't for our friends and guests and supporters of our products.

YOU are what have allowed us to reopen today.

Thank you.

We are not ignorant to think we are out of the fire of defeat yet, but we are prepared to take the first steps of our anticipated journey. You are invited to join us.

Here's to the Fighting American Spirit!

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