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On June 14th, National Bourbon Day recognizes the Official Spirit of America.

A Whiskey Sour is perfect for warmer weather, but honestly, it is good anytime of year. At 1350 Distilling we make most of our cocktails with equal parts spirit and mixer so you can still taste the alcohol flavor. Our original Guardian Bourbon (Gold Medal - Best Bourbon 2023) was dedicated to the U.S. Coast Guard, and because of this, our signature Whiskey Sour was named “Sea Foam”. The key to a good whiskey sour is great froth created with egg whites. The egg does not create any flavor, but it makes a creaminess like no other. (Not a fan of eggs, then try Aquafaba, a chickpea water. It may have a little flavor, but the shaking of the cocktail allows for a similar froth.) How long to shake? Until your hands are cold, but you can take a peek to see if there is enough like we did in this video.

SEA FOAM (Whiskey Sour)

Ice your glass with ice water while you prepare the cocktail. A good chilled glass will keep this cocktail nice and cold. Warm egg whites is not very pleasing.

Ice in shaker

• 2.0 oz Guardian Bourbon

• 0.5 oz Simple syrup

• 0.5 oz Fresh lemon juice

• 0.5 oz Egg white (fresh or cartoned - Aquafaba can be substituted)

Shake and strain

GARNISH: Lemon (we like a dehydrated lemon both for aesthetics and for additional lemon flavor in the cocktail)


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