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RUM-ARITA: The Refreshing Margarita Alternative

In less than two weeks is Cinco de Mayo. Now, we can't officially make tequila because we are in America. We could make an agave spirit, but we think Mexico is doing a great job making affordable versions. It would cost us a lot to purchase the agave needed for a product that would cost consumers a considerable amount more than what is already offered.

That all being said, we still like a reason to make certain styles of cocktails, and Cinco de Mayo is synonymous with Margaritas. Maybe you are not a big fan of tequila or you are like us and always wanting to try something new. So we have our American take on a Marg using our Fleet Admirals' Barrel Aged Rum. We call it the Rum-arita: the refreshing margarita alternative. We also make it as a slushee in our Taste Lounge.

In less than a minute you can watch us make this simple and fresh libation in the video below. We have many more recipes on our YouTube Channel and more coming every month, so make sure to subscribe to see the latest.

More of a whiskey fan? Use bourbon and enjoy.

Freshly squeezed citrus instead of the cheap and sugary Sweet & Sour mix will provide amazing results that your body will appreciate.

Coupe glass with partially salted rim and lime wedge and orange rum drink on rustic wood table top and menu in background
The Rum-Arita in it's natural habitat at 1350 Distilling's Taste Lounge.


Want a salted rim? Rim your glass first.

Fill your glass with ice and cold water to chill the glass, then in a shaker with ice add

• 1.75 oz Fleet Admirals’ Barrel Aged Rum (80 proof / 40% abv)

• 1.0 oz OJ

• 0.5 oz Lime Juice Shake to chill.

Empty ice water in glass.

Strain and pour the cocktail into glass.

Garnish with a lime wedge.

You may like more lime for a more sour cocktail. Or if you prefer your Margarita sweeter, try more orange juice. We like ours so you can taste the smooth barrel aged rum.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB) defines tequila as an alcoholic distillate made from a fermented mash of the Agave Tequilana plant that's distilled to have the taste, aroma, and characteristics associated with tequila. The TTB also defines tequila as a distinctive product of Mexico that's manufactured in Mexico and complies with Mexican laws regulating the production of tequila for consumption in that country.


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