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Old Blood & Guts' Strawberry Vodka Release Scheduled

It is our honor to finally introduce to the public our newest 1350 Distilling product, “Old Blood & Guts’ Strawberry Flavored Vodka” dedicated to the U.S. Army Great Wars’ legend, General George S. Patton.

Two bottles of Old Blood & Guts' Strawberry Flavored Vodka on copper bar with American flag in background
Finally in bottles - Old Blood & Guts' Strawberry Flavored Vodka only at 1350 Distilling.

As with many materials across our nation, the back ordering of our American-made rectangular bottles has prevented our release of this in-house favorite, until now.

To celebrate the long-awaited release of Old Blood & Guts, we are having a special Release Party on Saturday, October 9th at 7pm in our Taste Lounge at 520 E. Pikes Peak Avenue in “EaDo” (East Downtown) Colorado Springs. At the Release Party you can have a free sample of Old Blood & Guts, buy one of the first bottles available and get 20% off of any Old Blood & Guts cocktail.

Chevron logo of Old Blood & Guts' Strawberry Flavored Vodka
Our label chevron for Old Blood & Guts' Strawberry Vodka

This is another Colorado Proud product by 1350 Distilling. First we make our Minuteman Vodka from all Colorado refined sugar beets, then we infuse the vodka with REAL strawberries. There are NO artificial flavors or coloring. The pure strawberries create a deep red spirit suitable for General Patton’s nickname, “Old Blood & Guts”. Because of our natural ingredients and base spirit, this product is also a true gluten-free product like our Minuteman Vodka, Wingman Gin, Blue Jacket Rum and Fleet Admiral Aged Rum.

Image of large glass jar with Old Blood & Guts' Strawberry Flavored Vodka in it with strawberries next to a bottle of Old Blood & Guts' Strawberry Flavored Vodka.
Originally only offered as an infusion in our Taste Lounge, Old Blood & Guts' Strawberry Flavored Vodka is now available in bottles.

If you have visited our Taste Lounge since we first opened in November 2019 (our two-year anniversary is right around the corner) then you may be aware that we have continually offered this delicious vodka. Because of its constant praise and appreciation and desire by guests to take a bottle of it home, we now have Old Blood & Guts available in 750mL bottles.

In April of 2021 we introduced “The Liberator” martini to our menu using Old Blood & Guts, blackberry syrup from local vendor, Pikes Peak Lemonade Co., and lemon juice with much fanfare, quickly becoming one of our most favorite cocktails.

The Liberator Martini is dark red with a lemon twist garnish sitting on a copper top bar
The Liberator Martini - named and voted by our followers.

This spirit is great for seltzers and Sunday morning strawberry screwdrivers (we call those “Tank Drivers”). When chilled you will experience one of the lightest, refreshing, but not too sweet strawberry martinis around anywhere.

Recently, we noticed that an internationally known distillery has a product with similar packaging colors: red spirit with green lettering. When we turned their bottle around, we discovered that the spirit is clear as water! That is an indicator to us that the flavoring is synthetic and artificial. Our Old Blood & Guts on the other hand is all-natural in taste and coloring. You may even find some strawberry “dust” in your bottle, which is so much better for you than artificial sweeteners and so much better than a worm!

So please, come and celebrate the long-awaited rel