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Nurses and Teachers and Mothers - Oh My!

This week we all raised our glasses to some important and vital individuals in our lives, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. Wednesday was #NationalNursesDay and some witnessed the impressive C-130 flyovers along the Front Range hospitals to show appreciation to our Colorado nurses.

This past week has been #TeacherAppreciationWeek too. This is important to 1350 Distilling because our roots started at Douglass Valley Elementary School on the Air Force Academy where Abbie and Kandis first met, worked and taught together.

Nurses and Teachers have been putting in countless hours these past couple of months. We #Celebrate them all, as well as all of the medical professionals and education administration and staff who have been relentlessly trying to keep our community healthy, safe, and functioning as best as possible. That is why we started the Nurse Appreciation and Teacher Appreciation offers.

Do you remember before the 'Rona' how we could easily show our appreciation to someone by buying them a drink or two? We have created a way that you can still do that with a personal touch during this time of seclusion and distancing. Buy your nurse or teacher a drink for $13.50 and 1350 Distilling will buy them a second one. Create a personal message and 1350 Distilling will hand write a card with your personal message and snail mail the two free drink cards to your person. More details for each and how they work are here.

Mothers' Day is this Sunday, May 10th. Our original nurse and teacher, we celebrate our mothers and hope you are able to at least Zoom, Facetime, or talk on the phone with yours if possible. If your mom is no longer here, we bow our heads and raise a toast to them in remembrance. If you are fortunate enough to see or live near your mother, we have created special Mothers Day Cocktail Kit Packages that will remain available until we close tomorrow, Saturday May 9th at 6pm. Pick a cocktail kit or make your own using our Minuteman Vodka, Wingman Gin, Blue Jacket Rum or Guardian Bourbon. We have mixers from #Colorado businesses Pikes Peak Lemonade Co., Rocky Mountain Soda, and Cocktail Punk Bitters and #AmericanMade Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup.

Each #MothersDay #CocktailKit Packages come with:

  • a bottle of 1350 Distilling spirit

  • the cocktail kit ingredients

  • recipe for the cocktail

  • 1350 Distilling womens v-neck t-shirt

  • a buy one get one free cocktail gift card for when we open

  • all in a reusable bag

Find out all of our online options here or come by 3-6pm Monday-Saturday at our HQ.

1350 Distilling wishes all of you the best weekend. We greatly appreciate your support. Thank you. Our next post will begin to share the new products we have been working on during all this weirdness. Make sure you share our site and tell your law enforcement, first responders, firefighter friends to follow us. We have some good #1350spirit to share.

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