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Here's to Our Sacrifices!

For our first Memorial Day we have thanks and praise to share for the countless memories and sacrifices we, as a country have experienced throughout our nation's history. Today, America remembers our fallen men and women, lost while in service, protecting the United States. From 1775 -1991, according to Veterans Affairs, 1,190,085 Americans made the ultimate sacrifice during wartime. The continued Global War on Terror (since October 2001) includes many thousand more. Today, many Americans have been touched by these sacrifices. They ripple through our communities, seemingly more often here in Colorado Springs, but everywhere in the Union. Here are a few short expressions of appreciation to those that are gone, as well as to the brave that served alongside our lost. We encourage you to reflect and share too.

Our cousin, Kitty Bassi, military spouse and mother for most of her life shared these stories with us recently.

Uncle John & Uncle Sal joined the Army in WWII

When I was born I was named after my father's mother since I was born on her birthday. Uncle Sal and Uncle John were excited about the name. They were big card players and the money they would win they bought war bonds for me, one of which I still have today. The poker pot is called "The Kitty" and they wrote my Mom a letter and asked if they could call me that. When my Uncle Sal died in combat in WWII, my Mom asked my Dad if I could be called Kitty in honor of her brother.


When my Uncle John returned to the states from WWII he told the story of being in a fox hole with shooting all around him. He heard my Grandmother scream his name and when he turned he found a Japanese soldier ready to shoot him. His story became very real to me when I saw the movie "Hacksaw Ridge" which I think took place in Okinawa where they were stationed.


The U.S. Naval Bassi Family

Our story is so typical of many service families, babies born when Dad's aways. Kids in hospital while Dad's away. Deployments where Dad's are gone for many, many months. Missing many family affairs because we lived so far away and getting the news that a parent is very ill and may be dying. The upside are all of the many adventures, camping throughout Europe, travelling and having so many friends all over, living in many states and as I learned being fortunate to live in areas that some referred to as theme cities! You learn as a family to depend on each other and make each place you move to home. We loved the life and so thankful that our families supported our lifestyle though they would have loved to have us live down the block. Needless to say we saw our son follow in his Dad's footsteps, and then out rank him!

Thank you, Kitti!


For this Memorial Day, the talented craftsman behind our beautiful copper-top bar, Phill's brother, Andrew Bragg has written and has a recorded performance of his original song "Sacrifice". Please take a moment to experience.

Thank you, Andrew!


Lastly, we have a historically intriguing artifact to share we received from 505 Trolley Vintage. We have an authentic print of the Denver Post hanging in our Tasting Lounge from the day after The First Great War ended. Prior to framing it, Academy Art & Framing took photos of the inside, hidden print spread. We have merged the photos into one image which you can zoom into and view to read on our home page here. It lists the major events in chronological order, as well as provides the names of the our fallen.

We Celebrate the American Spirit of our military and their loved ones, one drink at a time, every day of the year, but today we especially honor our lost.

Here's to Our Sacrifices!

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