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Here's to David!

May is Military Appreciation Month. This is our second posting for our Military Appreciation Campaign. Please share your stories and photos of your military service members that you appreciate. Post on our Facebook page. Tag us on Twitter or Instagram, or email us through our website and we will celebrate and share our #1350spirit for your loved ones with you online!


For 1350 Distilling, we celebrate our military and their loved ones every day. As David mentions below, he "is a proud member and plank owner of the 1350 Distilling family". He helped on numerous occasions with dirty work and heavy lifting with building out 1350 Distilling. Since we opened up, he has been with us every step of the way. He is currently serving in the Air Force Reserves. We celebrate his American Spirit, his great sense of humor and his contribution to 1350 Distilling. Here's to David!


David was born in Hollywood, Florida in 1993. He is a first generation American, his family moved to the U.S. from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He joined the Marine Corps in January 2013, contracted as an Air Defense Operator. He went to Parris Island and is a proud 3rd Battalion Marine. After graduating in April, he went completed the Tactical Air Operations Course in 29 Palms, California as the Honor Graduate, and meritoriously promoted to Lance Corporal.

In January 2014, he was assigned to 1st Marine Air Control Squadron in Yuma Arizona, where he specialized in maintaining wide air networks and tactical data links. Here, Lance Corporal Ramires won a Squadron board and was promoted to Corporal in July 2014.

In September 2014, Corporal Ramires volunteered to be augmented to 3rd LAAD Battalion, B-Battery, where they deployed to Sheikh Isa Air Base, Bahrain to conduct Security Force Operations during the beginning Operation Inherent Resolve. Here, Corporal Ramires conducted hundreds of joint rapid response exercise, became a certified Combat Lifesaver, and Advanced Swimmer. Corporal Ramires also participated in the German Armed Proficiency Test with Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors, where he earned the Gold German Armed Proficiency Badge. After this tour, he returned to Yuma, AZ in April 2015.

In September 2015, Corporal Ramires was assigned to the U.S. Strategic Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He operated as a Missile Warning Center Technician in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, where he and his crew assessed satellite and RADAR activity around the globe. This is critical 24/7 joint operation, bringing early warning to national leaders, as well as our troops in all theaters. In December 2016, David was promoted to Sergeant.

David and wife Shanice at Cheyenne Mountain.

In the Missile Warning Center, among amazing leadership, Corporal Ramires took on roles as a Fitness Leader, Crew Trainer, Training Coordinator, Event Coordinator, and Crew Chief. Aside from work, he volunteered his time to do Color Guard, work with the Marine Corps League, and participate in Toys for Tots.

In January 2018, After, 5 years of active service, Sergeant Ramires transitioned into the Air Force Reserves and is now a full-time student. After his service, he got married to Shanice, his girlfriend and best friend of 8 years in February 2019.

In the Air Force Reserves, David was selected to fly with the 302nd Air Lift Squadron, as a Flight Engineer on the C-130 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Locally, he is also studying User Experience Design in the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Aside from these responsibilities, David is a proud member and plank owner of the 1350 Distilling family.

Sergeant Ramires’ personal decorations include the Joint Commendation Medal, and Joint Service Achievement Medal

“My time in the Marine was bottom line, a very important experience in my life, and though I didn’t enjoy it at times, I never regretted a single moment. I was super lucky to have experienced the wide variety of roles, it made me appreciate the U.S. Military in a larger sense. I’m proud of the values it taught me, I’m proud have been a part of such an amazing history, and I’m proud to have claimed the title of United States Marine. I’m thankful for all the leaders in my life, a big shout out to my Navy, Army, and Air Force folks, it’s a big reason I transitioned into the Air Force Reserves, and I’m excited to take on the next set of challenges.”

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