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Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Happy Thanksgiving to our military, law-enforcement, firefighters, first responders, doctors, nurses, teachers, and all of those in the service, medical, and education industries.

I awoke this morning, realizing today is Thanksgiving. I could have forgotten it any other day this week because of the hustling and bustling required to remain on top of business, family, government and current events, however, this morning my focus of who and what I am grateful for came easily and powerfully, drowning out my long list of to do‘s.

Amidst a pandemic our families are generally healthy or getting healthier by the day. Without our health there is no other reason to celebrate today. Our families are far apart today despite living close. We love and miss you all.

1350 Distilling is immensely thankful for our employees: Will, Doug, and Matt. Without these guys we would be hurting. Their help with producing, selling, delivering, and keeping our Taste Lounge operational has saved our sanity and more importantly, our marriages. You guys are very much appreciated. Thank you.

We have so many vendors who have helped us shift quickly and swiftly to adapt to our changing environment this year. Our successes in adaptability would not have looked or tasted as good. Thanks to Sam and Creative Consortium and Lisa and Ches at Pikes Peak Lemonade Co. You are Lifesavers.

1350 Distilling never would have been able to continue to make products and new spirit releases during 2020 without the numerous liquor stores from Aurora to Cañon City and Woodland Park to Falcon. Thank you for taking a risk with purchasing our products which most of the general public had never heard of before, let alone tasted.

Bars and restaurants have been in the news constantly trying to keep themselves afloat, still many have showcased our products on their shelves or on their drink menus and we are thankful for that. These businesses include: Bread and Butter Neighborhood Market, Palmer Lake Pub, Bingo Burger, The Famous, Garden of the Gods Resort, Ivywild Tavern, The Public House, Townhouse in Manitou Springs, Walters, and Mama Pearls.

We have neighborhood and social media friends who continue to promote us - thank you: Catalyst Campus, 333 Eco Apartments, Beards & Brothers Barber Lounge, Colorado Spirits Collective, Mile High Bourbon, and Gertie the Goose among the many.

Thank you to local media networks constantly putting our name out there: Fox 21, KRDO, Mountain Country, and hard-working men and women of the Better Business Bureau, Small Business Development Center and especially, the Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership in which we have a new adventure package offer through their website. You should check it out.

We are thankful to be in a place where we can help our community and offer others a place to host their events. We are still accepting Toys for Tots donations and we are now a non-perishable food donation location for the Salvation Army. We have new times six days a week again for you to buy and bring in a donation.

How about all of this technology? We are grateful to have our spirits available for sale online now. Not to mention the virtual meeting technology allowing us to socialize and today to see and converse with our family and friends.

We thank Nick Moody, he has been entertaining us the past few weeks with his guitar and vocals, and he will continue to virtually, starting tomorrow, so please watch him online. He is extremely talented.

We thank Nikki, Trae, Brandi, and First Lady Productionz for their love and support and we will be hosting their M.A.N. UP Network Event next Saturday virtually as well. Their mission is to bring awareness of men’s mental health–something we fully support and are thankful for. We have all lost too many loved ones this year because of depression. Personally, we have lost more from it than the Covid virus.

Lastly, and most importantly, we are supremely grateful for a customers. Our supporters. YOU! Thank you for asking for us at your liquor stores and restaurants. Thank you for your likes and shares on social media, the word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews, your gift card and merchandise purchases, your contributions to our charities and your All-American-Good-Spirit of support. We would be nothing without you.

Be safe. Be happy. Shop locally, and celebrate your thankfulness today.

Here’s to all of you! Thank you


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