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Updated: May 20

There are National Days for everything, but our most favorite is - National Craft Distillers Day this coming Wednesday 22 May! Join us on our day to experience distilling, enjoy craft distilled spirits and cocktails at 13.50% off regular price (excluding our Old Guard Fashioneds because they are at Happy Hour pricing).

whiskey barrels with Nat'l Craft Distillers Day across front in white text over a red banner.
The holiday recognizes the diversity of distilled spirits and how they can be made more readily available. It is for anyone who loves a tall drink of craft alcohol.

We do not usually run our still while we have guests in our Taste Lounge, but on this day you can come into our production area and see the Rocket Still in action. Ask our veteran and head distiller, Phill Bragg questions about the process.

Purchase a bottle of 1350 Distilling spirits and wax dip your bottle!

Every bottle we sell is hand-dipped making a unique cork top. Make yours extra special by providing a second dip of silver wax on your bottle. There will be no bottle just like yours!

We will be providing sample tasters for you to try (for some of you again) in our Taste Lounge.

Southern Asian Pride Fusion food truck serving food too.

Lastly, we are starting a bi-weekly meetup for all our cigar-loving guests. We are calling it Cigar & Whiskey Wednesdays and it is starting on the same day. Get Happy Hour Old Guard Fashioned and a cigar and enjoy our patio. We are pairing up with MLC Cigars to sell cigars at our place. Check this post for the latests news on this front.

Old West Cigar Co. is offering a 10% off deal on Esteban Carreras Cashmere Cigars, a great mild-to-medium bodied cigar that still has some body to stand up to a whiskey. Visit them first to get this deal. They close at 6pm.

We have missed the boat on this holiday the past years because... well, covid. We are excited to have survived the pandemic and we want to share the celebration with you. We hope you can join us.


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