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black map of california with red counties highlighting the central california counties serviced
Donaghy Sales Territory

1350 Distilling is proud to announce new California strategic partnerships with Donaghy Sales, a family-owned and operated beverage distributor servicing Central California and Danner Drinks Company, a multi-state sales team of brand-building professionals. This partnership marks a pivotal moment for 1350 Distilling, as it allows us to bring our top-quality distilled spirits to a broader audience across dozens of Central California counties.

six attractive middle-aged men and women
1350 Distilling Owners: (left to right) Ryan, Phill, Kandis, Abbie, Barbara, and Jake

This new development coincides with the addition of two new business partners to 1350 Distilling. Ryan and Barbara Ferrer, of Long Beach, California. They invested in our growing business just under a year ago assisting our plans to expand into The Golden State.

Coincidentally, Donaghy Sales is headquartered in Fresno, California where Kandis and Phill Bragg grew up. They are both graduates of McLane High School in Fresno and attended California State University, Fresno. Kandis received a BA in Psychology and Phill a BS in Mechanical Engineering. They have many family members still residing in the valley.

The similarities do not stop there. Owner, Jake Weien grew up and graduated from Manteca High School, in the center of Donaghy Sales' territory. Afterwards he attended San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California for two years. Donaghy Sales has a warehouse in Stockton, which is where our first shipment of 1350 Spirits was delivered this week.

Three palettes of cased whiskies ready to be delivered
First shipment of 1350 Spirits heading to Stockton, CA
Six wood barrels full of 1350 Distilling whiskies
Whiskey in waiting

The distribution includes three signature offerings that have captured the hearts of spirits enthusiasts nationwide:

  1. Code Four 115 Proof Cask Strength Straight Bourbon - (115 Proof / 57.5% ABV) A robust high-proof bourbon that pays tribute to the dedication and bravery of law enforcement officers. At 115 proof, this cask strength bourbon delivers an authentic and intense flavor that has garnered recognition with a Double Gold Medal for The Best Bourbon 2023 by The Fifty Best.

  2. Guardian Bourbon - (80 Proof / 40% ABV) A three-year aged, 99% corn mash-billed bourbon created in honor of the U.S. Space Force, symbolizing the pioneering spirit and commitment to exploring new frontiers. This spirit was awarded a Gold Medal for The Best Bourbon 2023 by The Fifty Best.

  3. Leatherneck Rye Whiskey - (90 Proof / 45% ABV) A tribute to the United States Marine Corps, Leatherneck Rye Whiskey embodies the strength, resilience, and tradition of the Marines. Leatherneck is a “high-rye” with 75% rye mash-bill.

Northern and Southern Californians, we are working on getting to you soon. Make sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest news.


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