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Photo of the nine 1350 Distilling distilled spirits in temporary round bottles
New temporary 'Covid Bottle Edition' 1350 Distilling bottled spirits

1350 Distilling of Colorado Springs, Colorado announced today that due to extensive supply chain issues within the country’s bottle industry they will be temporarily offering their craft distilled spirits in slightly different bottles. The craft distillery’s entire portfolio of products will look a little different for an undetermined amount of time over the upcoming months.

Due to extensive bottle shortages nationwide, especially specialty models like 1350 Distilling’s square-shaped “Liberty” 750mL bottles have not been available for purchase for many months. The primary American bottle manufacturers still have not been able to announce a date when they will be fully operational or when all products offered prior to the pandemic will be ready.

“We were made aware of the industry’s shortage mid-2021 and we have been attempting to avoid changing bottles as much as possible,” said Phill Bragg, Co-owner and Head Distiller of 1350 Distilling. “Changing the bottle also means designing and printing all new labels for our nine products, as well as, purchasing all new cork stoppers to fit the new bottles. In the end, we didn’t even have a choice for another more attractive or distinctive bottle because all that was available were lesser-quality common wine bottles made in China.”

1350 Distilling has made a mission for their company to only purchase American-made products and ingredients unless the item is not available within the country. Their original bottle has been one of their proudest commitments to their mission since they are all American-made.

A photo of the nine 1350 Distilling bottled spirits in their usual square bottles
The original square bottles typically associated with all 1350 Distilling spirits

Known for their square-cornered shaped bottles with hand-dipped colored wax tops, 1350 Distilling is now having to use a more generic, round wine bottle.

“The hand-dipped wax tops are still on every bottle,” says Bragg, “However, we have had to change the labeling to a single large one for the new bottles instead of our classic double-banded two labels from pre-Covid.”

The team is not allowing the packaging change to get them down, instead they make jokes about the adjustments. The new labels have the words ‘Covid Bottle Label’ printed on every one.

Despite a different presentation with labels and bottle shapes, the owners remind their customers that the product inside is “still the great tasting, craft 1350 Spirits, through and through.”


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