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Here's to the Bar and Andrew!

Owner, President, and Head Distiller, Phill Bragg has an extremely talented brother, Andrew Bragg. Andrew is 1350 Distilling’s master carpenter who built our spectacular copper-top bar at 520 E. Pikes Peak Avenue on the east side of downtown Colorado Springs. Andrew has been building things from wood since a boy, when he and Phill would join their father on construction job sites in Southern California. He carried this tradition on and has honed his skills over the years to the level of master craftsman.

In January of 2018 when 1350 Distilling signed their lease, Andrew visited from California to begin his masterpiece that has become the taste room’s exclusive copper-top bar.

“We provided a basic plan for the square footage and dimensions, and the material we wanted for the top of the bar, and Andrew provided all of the details and amazing craftsmanship,” stated Jake Weien, 1350 Distilling part-owner. “Phill helped a fair amount on the construction with his brother, but all the other owners, Abbie, Kandis and myself were there to putty, sand, putty, sand, clean and stain. Andrew did all the rest.”

Over the next 18 months, Andrew visited The Springs four times to eventually complete the 17 foot square bar that stands over 11 feet tall with its towering column shelves and mirror bar backing. Made entirely from cherry wood, the bar demands a visitor’s attention as soon as they walk in the room.

“Most often the bar is the first marvel our guests are drawn towards, even before they see the one-of-a-kind custom-made Rocket Still,” stated Weien.

The special ordered patina copper overlays the solid bar top. The thin and flexible copper is protected with an epoxy resin to provide a shine like nothing else along the Front Range. A dark brown stain finish and extreme attention to detailed moulding makes the 1350 Distilling copper bar “One, if not the best looking bar in all of Colorado Springs, maybe all of Colorado,” Phill Bragg is fond of saying to guests at the Taste Room and HQ.

The distillery is now open Friday through Sunday serving cocktails with their Minuteman Vodka, made entirely from Colorado sugar beets and their Guardian Bourbon, a 3-year, 99% corn whiskey. Come visit and marvel at the carpentry talents of Andrew Bragg, and raise your glasses with us to celebrate, “Here’s to Andrew!”

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