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Labor Day Weekend News and Hours

Hello hard-working Americans! 1350 Distilling would like to wish you a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend. We are celebrating the American Spirit with two announcements, a new drink to our menu, and our weekend taste room hours.

First, our announcements:

GUARDIAN BOURBON IS NOW AVAILABLE AT COALTRAIN WINE AND SPIRITS! Do us a solid and buy them out of stock this weekend! Ask for us by name!

Standing out like a beacon in the dark sea of whiskeys at Flying Horse Wine & Spirit

GUARDIAN BOURBON IS ALSO AVAILABLE AT FLYING HORSE WINE & SPIRIT TOO. There has already been a great show of support up north. We can't thank you all enough!

The Ivy Tonic for just $9.50

Named for the 4th Infantry stationed at Fort Carson, this classic drink also known as a "Vodka Tonic" consists of our Minuteman Vodka, great tasting- Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup, and soda water. Lime and Orange garnish this highball cocktail and warm-weather refresher.

We are extending our Taste Room hours this weekend too:

Friday, 30 AUG - 1500-2000 or 3pm - 8pm

Saturday, 31 AUG - 1200-2000 or 12pm - 8pm

Sunday, 1 SEP - 1200-1800 or 12pm - 6pm

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