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Limited Edition Star Collection Boxes Still Available

With great pride after many months in the making, we are happy to announce two sets of limited edition products available right now for our first two products, Minuteman Vodka and Guardian Bourbon.


These will go fast, so do not hesitate to order online now.


We are unable to offer any shipping of our products at this time for this limited offer. So, you will need to pick up your purchase at the 1350 Distilling Headquarters at 520 E. Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 - we will hold your purchase for as long as needed.

The boxes and spirits are in production at this time. Purchasers of any of these products will be notified once their purchase is ready to be picked up. Proper identification for proof of legal drinking age will be required at time of receiving the product.

Minuteman Vodka Stars Collection Box

The Stars Collections

Each "Star Collection” bottle will be signed and numbered by our president and head distiller, LtCol Phillip Bragg, USMC Retired. The bottle is placed in a cherry wood box with matching sliding lid. The bottle number is engraved on the lid, along with the Guardian Bourbon and 1350 Distilling branding.

The Star Collection for both the Minuteman Vodka and Guardian Bourbon are comprised of the next 50 production bottles available for sale. These 50 bottles represent the stars on our American flag, the states in our union, and the second half of our name.

Minuteman Vodka

The Minuteman Vodka is 1350 Distilling’s first produced spirit. The Army was our nation’s first armed force. The Army goes with everything, everywhere. So does our Minuteman Vodka. Made from Colorado grown sugar beets, The Minuteman Vodka is not just Colorado local, it is gluten free too.

Guardian Bourbon

The Guardian Bourbon represents our United States Coast Guard with a recognizable bright orange colored label. This is the only 1350 Distilling label that includes a vehicle on it at this time. The Sikorsky MH-60 Jayhawk hovers above icy waters as search and rescue divers jump in. The Guardian Bourbon was distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. It is a two-year, 99% corn bourbon, proofed with Rocky Mountain water and bottled at 1350 Distilling.

The Founders Collections - SOLD OUT

1350 Distilling’s first 13 production bottles of both our Minuteman Vodka and Guardian Bourbon constitute our “Founders Collections.” Named after the original United States colonies, and the first half of our name, this highly exclusive collection is for the bold collector who possesses gumption, confidence, and the understanding that being the first gives you a lasting legacy.

Guardian Bourbon Founders Collection Box

Each bottle is signed by the founders of 1350 Distilling, numbered by hand, and packaged in a cherry wood box adorned with brass hinges and latches and lined with black felt.

Each box is engraved with the bottle number, the 1350 Distilling brand, the Minuteman Vodka or Guardian Bourbon mark on the lid for posterity, and initialed inside by the founders for authenticity.

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