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Patio Rockin'

If you have been by our building, you have seen a lot of movement the past couple of weeks. We have our patio fence manufactured and up, our bicycle hitches installed, and our planters in place. We expect to get our eye-catching canopy up soon too!

The inside has been transforming nicely too, but because of our delayed construction, we are shifting our focus for the remainder of 2018 to produce and bottle our Minuteman Vodka, Bluejacket Rum, and Guardian Bourbon.

We hope to be found in local liquor stores, restaurants, and bars this December. We will provide these locations (besides in our facility) where you can purchase our fine distilled spirits as they occur.

We will announce our Grand Opening in January, once we have a clearer vision on completion, but until then, keep all eyes open for our products hitting shelves in November.

Here's to December!

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