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"So how is the Distillery coming?"

We joyfully hear this question from co-workers, family, neighbors, Facebook friends, acquaintances, and passer-bys most every day. It stirs excitement and anxiousness within each of us. A smile usually sprouts on our faces despite the sometimes excruciatingly painful progress we have been enduring to get 1350 Distilling up and running.

copper still cherry wood bar copper top work in progress construction

Depending on the day and the latest obstacles either recently presented or newly defeated, you may get a different answer. All-in-all though, we will end with, "We are getting there. We are progressing." And that is the absolute truth.

We have an amazing army of friends and family that have continued to spend parts of their nights and weekends to help us get to where we are, who are gracious enough to ask if we need more assistance. For that, we are extremely grateful.

  • We have a nearly completed taste room bar.

  • We have concrete cut and framing, plumbing, and electrical roughed-in.

  • We have the front driveway excavated and new concrete coming soon.

  • We have our labels, bottles, and packaging finalized.

  • We have men and women American Made tee shirts and magnets for sale online in our Gift Shop, and plans for some fantastic shot glasses, whiskey stones, hats, flasks, and other great souvenirs to come.

  • We have a classic, 22-foot long shuffleboard with a long Colorado Springs history waiting to reside in our taste room.

  • Furniture and decorations (including military portraits) are planned and waiting in shopping carts for our floors and walls to be completed.

  • We have a magnificently growing group of businesses and organizations throughout the Pikes Peak region that have offered to be our Wingman. Their encouragement for our success and future charitable endeavors together is quite a powerful force.

  • We have our big, copper, beautiful, state of the art, one of a kind, American Made, still.

  • Our Vodka, Rum, Gin, Bourbon, and Whiskey cocktail recipes are ready and waiting like Minutemen for our thirsty customers.

"So, how is the distillery coming?"

Fits and spurts, dams and avalanches, peaks and valleys – all true when discussing our distilling dreams, but at the end of the day:

"We are getting there. We are progressing. "

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