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The “Minuteman Vodka - Star Collection” is comprised of the next 50 production bottles of Minuteman Vodka available (after the sold out 13 Minuteman Vodka Founders Collection bottles). These 50 Star Collection bottles represent the stars on our American flag—the states in our union and the second half of our name.


Each “Minuteman Vodka - Star Collection” bottle will be signed and numbered by our president and head distiller, LtCol Phillip Bragg, USMC Retired. The bottle is placed in a cherry wood box with matching sliding lid. The bottle number is engraved on the lid, along with the Minuteman Vodka and 1350 Distilling branding.


We are biased, but we believe this will be a very popular collectors item. If and when "1350 Distilling" is a household name, you can proudly display the evidence of your amazing foresight and unique opportunity being had right now.


Only 50 available. Don’t be like Puerto Rico and be number 51.


We have sold up to Massachusetts at the time of this product update - 07AUG 2019

Minuteman Vodka - Star Collection - No Shipping Available

  • 1350 Distilling uses the 750mL "Flint Liberty" bottle for all of our products. This bottle is manufactured in the U.S. and purchased from All American Containers.

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