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1350 Distilling’s first 13 production bottles of our Blue Jacket Rum available for sale constitute our “Blue Jacket Rum - Founders Collection.” Named after the original United States colonies, and the first half of our name, this highly exclusive collection is for the bold collector who possesses gumption, confidence, and the understanding that being the first gives you a lasting legacy.


Each bottle is signed by the founders of 1350 Distilling, numbered by hand, and packaged in a cherry wood box adorned with brass hinges and latches and lined with black padding.


Each box is engraved with the bottle number, the 1350 Distilling brand, the Blue Jacket Rum mark on the lid for posterity, and initialed inside by the founders for authenticity. Each number also correlates to the order of the states that entered the Union.


This is a collector’s item that will never be repeated for Blue Jacket Rum.


Only 13 available. Ever.

Blue Jacket Rum - Founders Collection

  • 1350 Distilling uses the 750mL "Flint Liberty" bottle for all of our products. This bottle is manufactured in the U.S. and purchased from All American Containers.

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