The U.S. Coast Guard is our nation’s oldest continuous operating maritime service. Both a law enforcement agency and a military service, these “Guardians” support, protect, and defend our country’s coasts and waterways, and rescue those in need.


Bourbon is considered America’s native spirit. In 1764, England enacted the Sugar Act that taxed molasses and infuriated the colonists. Instead of using Caribbean sugars, they began using something in more immediate abundance... corn! 


Our Guardian Bourbon represents the United States Coast Guard in its bright life vest orange label. This is the only spirit that 1350 Distilling plans on not producing. We purchase the three-year barrel-aged 99% corn bourbon from a distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and finish it with great tasting Rocky Mountain water.


The Coast Guard motto is Semper Paratus - Latin meaning “Always ready” which is so fitting for this bourbon. It is great neat or over ice. It mixes well, but also makes for a smooth Old Fashion too.


Guardian Bourbon

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