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Meet Our New Partner, Matt!

Today, we finally and officially submitted a press release announcing the addition of our new partner to 1350 Distilling. Proudly, Matthew “Matt” L. Freeman, (GySgt, USMC Ret.) is now a shareholder partner and the new Head of Sales for our company. The agreement had occurred in early January, and the announcement is long overdue.

US Marine
Gunny Freeman portrait soon to be hanging on our Wall of Honor

After over a year of dedicated, non-stop work representing our company on the front lines in liquor stores, bars and restaurants up and down the Front Range, it became obvious to the the partners that Matt’s contribution was not only valuable, it was a necessity we never knew we needed.

Our sales increased throughout Covid thanks to Matt’s former U.S.M.C. recruiter experience and perseverance. We never want to lose that. Making him a partner was the next step to the continued success of our distillery.

Matt joined 1350 Distilling after our Grand Opening weekend in 2019. After just a few months of sales through the Covid-19 Pandemic, he quickly acquired a majority of the 100+ sales accounts in the region. In May 2020 he was showcased on our website, thanking him for both his service to his country and his contribution to 1350 Distilling. That biography can be read here:

Matt back in early 2020 making Sovereignty Wine & Spirits' customers happy with tasters of 1350 Distilling spirits

With the addition of Matt to our partnership, 1350 Distilling now has a collection of 47 years of service between Matt and President, Phill Bragg.

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