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"Find Us" Page Added to Website and Firefighter Weekend

Thanks to our fans and followers; we are getting a good number of phone calls from liquor stores in the Springs area asking for us to deliver our distilled spirits to them.


Please keep asking your local liquor stores, bars, and restaurants for our Guardian Bourbon and Minuteman Vodka during your visits. (Our Blue Jacket Rum is coming in a few weeks too!)

For this reason, we have added the "Find Us" page to our website where we are constantly updating to our list of businesses that are offering our spirits. We update this immediately and are posting on social media when we get into more places. Make sure you are following us to get your updates.


Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend

Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 20th.

The Fallen Firefighters Memorial is being held just east of our HQ at Memorial Park. We are excited for our city to host the hundreds of men and women firefighters from across the country and Canada that come to pay tribute to their fallen brothers and sisters in the line of duty.

It is an amazing event, one in which we have made several friends over the past decade who play in their local bagpipes and drums bands. The Memorial is on Saturday. There is a parade of vehicles and motorcycles that run through town.

The best is the night time processions downtown on Tejon Street on Friday and Saturday nights about 8 pm each night. The pipes and drums from all over march in with fire trucks as escorts and play a handful of songs, most notably "Amazing Grace".

It is fun, emotional, and a good example of why Colorado Springs is an amazing community to host this event.

If we can talk our friends, the Tucson Fire Pipes and Drums into visiting our HQ, we hopefully will get an earful of their songs, as well. We will keep you posted on that too.

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