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First Product Brand Name and Bottle Label Design Finally Revealed!

Our online community helped narrow our label design options down to two layouts a couple of months ago. Since then research and conversations with printers and label applicator manufacturers have kept us busy. After confirmation that our vision for a complex label design could be a functional reality, we attacked the torturous terrain of label regulations and online paperwork. So that's why we have been quiet on that front. That is... until now.

We are very proud to reveal the label design YOU helped us land on, but first, in the spirit of #TurningGreen for St. Patrick's Day, we are happy to announce the brand name of our maiden spirit we will be producing!

1350 Distilling proudly presents, Minuteman Vodka!

Minuteman Vodka - 1350 Distilling's First Brand Name Product

American revolutionaries were common citizens that risked their livelihoods for freedom. These first true American soldiers swore to be ready to fight in a “minute’s notice” giving them the nickname of “Minuteman”. Today, the Minuteman symbolizes the United States Army and Air Force National Guards and the U.S. Reserves.

Generalizing a bit here, the essence of all alcoholic distilled spirits begins with making vodka. For our initial spirit, distilling vodka is a no-brainer, as is naming it after our country's original soldiers. Our Colorado-sourced vodka will be made from sugar beets and not the European tradition of potatoes. Minuteman will be a gluten-free spirit.

1350 Distilling is Phill and Kandis Bragg, and Jake and Abbie Weien. We are military and civilians, family, and friends—interweaving threads of American Spirit that embody the 13 Stripes & 50 Stars we call America. 1350 Distilling celebrates the American Spirit of our military and their loved ones, one drink at a time.

"Taste the difference. Make a difference."

1350 Distilling will pledge ten percent of profits to veteran and local charities.

Two-tiered, full-wrapped labels around a proud rectangular 11.5" tall bottle.

Our complex design may not seem like much to the average eye, but to have a fully-wrapping label is both larger than most labels, and also more difficult to mechanically achieve. Having two fully-wrapping labels that will require a centering between the two is even more challenging. Thanks to Mark at Race Labeling Concepts, we believe we have a viable machine solution. All of our products will carry this same label shape and design, but will each have their own brand color. The Minuteman is green, perfect for March and the U.S. Army.

We will release our other designs in the upcoming weeks, so please standby.

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