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Let’s all celebrate the Kentucky Derby with its’ signature cocktail, the Mint Julep. Although the most famous horse race is celebrating it's 150th running, the Mint Julep did not become the official drink of the derby until 1938. So, Happy 86th Birthday, official Kentucky Derby cocktail! By the way, we will be serving these sweeties during our Kentucky Derby Watch Party on Saturday 4 May with prizes for best dress, hat, and suit. Purchase a cocktail and get a chance to win more by picking the winning horse.

For the month of May, the Mint Julep will be our Cocktail of the Month. Want to experiment? Maybe substitute our Guardian Bourbon with our infused Peach Bourbon, Code Four 115 Proof Cask Strength Straight Bourbon, or Leatherneck Rye Whiskey.

The requirements for this cocktail is to keep it very cold and lots of mint. Crushed ice and a copper cup or mug is suggested, but not required, especially if we are still getting snow on race day. Fresh mint is where all the flavors and aromas make this cocktail a winner. You do not need to smash the mint to oblivion, just a few presses–enough to get the oils out for flavor and aroma.

Muddle these ingredients in your glass before adding ice. Dissolve sugar completely.

(Simple syrup can replace raw sugar and water.)

• 10 mint leaves

• 1 teaspoon raw sugar

• 0.5 oz water

• 0.5 oz honey syrup

• Add 2.0 oz Guardian Bourbon (80 proof / 40% abv)

• Stir in glass

• Add crushed ice to fill the entire glass making sure all ice is wet

Garnish with fresh “spanked” mint.

A "julep" is a flavored drink made with sugar syrup with or without alcohol. Technically a Mojito could fall into this category using rum. The Mint Julep, however, is well-known to use bourbon whiskey, but any kind of whiskey can be used.


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