Check out the inside spread of our World War I Denver Post newspaper that paid respect to the fallen soldiers during the war and listed all of the key moments during the war. These photos were taken when we were framing the front pages. You can see this in our Tasting Lounge. you can scroll and zoom in and out to read everything.

Military Portraits

Since the beginning of January 2017, "Creative" Jake Weien @cr8vj8k, the VP of 1350 Distilling, has developed a process for recreating low quality photographs into printable, large format digital portraits with an artistic twist. Using low resolution and often times smartphone pics of old printed photographs, he has created a wide assortment of military portraits using primarily mobile device technology. "The greatest part about these images is that often the original image could never be printed at a poster size without looking horrific," states Weien. "The process allows me to break down the distinctive parts of the picture and recreate them with additional color and painterly effects, mak

Exterior Wall Painted

Last weekend, some good friends and family came to help us paint our exterior wall a nice 'battleship gray'. We are so excited to get construction going on the inside, but at least the outside is shaping up. Stay tuned for more updates. #update #building

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